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Active Photocatalytic Ceramic shows positive capabilities in the environment. When Titanium dioxide is hit by sunlight the electrons in the external orbit of the molecule are released and activated. Their presence allows oxygen to react with organic substances of all kinds, oxidizing them into harmless components.

It has been demonstrated that a little more than 10,000 sqft of Active Photocatalytic Ceramic carries out a similar function as 20 mature trees, in terms of reduction of overall NOx.

The innovative Active Photocatalytic Ceramic can be used to surface interiors, exteriors, floors, and walls. Active materials are particularly suitable for places where cleanliness (assuming normal and customary cleaning practices are followed) is of primary importance.

3 Available colors

Italian Style Made in the USA

Made in USA Greenguard Certification Certified	Porcelain Tile Green Squared Green Building Council Member Recycled Materials RZero Voc Emissions

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