2023 National Sales & Marketing Convention: Strengthening Customer Focus and Team Unity

The first week of August marked a transformative event for our company, as the 2023 National Sales and Marketing Convention united our dynamic teams in the vibrant city of Chicago. Bringing together company leaders from both the US and Italy, this event highlighted a new dimension of leadership and collaboration. The outcome was a strengthened sense of unity and synergy among departments and a stronger strategy that will increasingly focus on customer satisfaction.

Our leadership team from Italy brought a renewed commitment to continuous breakthrough innovation and customer-centricity offering an inspiring perspective on the company’s transformational growth trajectory. Meetings focused on strengthening our product portfolio and innovation pipeline and on streamlining operations to enhance the customer experience and performance meeting evolving market demands.

Amid the enriching discussions, team members also engaged in a range of team-building activities that solidified professional and personal development. The architectural boat tour unveiled the city's storied past and its modern aspirations, mirroring the dynamic teamwork needed to shape our narrative. The escape room evening, a standout experience, challenged colleagues to find solutions under pressure, reinforcing the pivotal role of teamwork in achieving shared objectives.

The combination of productive discussions and decisions, team-building activities, and the chance to explore a remarkable city resulted in a holistic and unforgettable experience that will shape the company’s and its customers' journey toward continued success and growth.

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